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Tick Prevention

Tick Prevention

Spring is the time of year to get outside with your pet and enjoy the sunshine. However, it is also the time of year when ticks are most active. At Atoka Veterinary Clinic, in Atoka, OK we love having the opportunity to teach our clients important tick prevention tips.

Pay Attention

It is very easy to forget your pets are vulnerable to ticks because they cannot tell us when they have one. Ticks often hide deep within the fur where they are not noticed for several days. During tick season pay extra close attention to your pet’s grooming so that you can intervene early if a tick does find its way to your pet. You will find ticks hiding in moist or wooded and shady areas. When your pet is in these areas double down on your fur inspection efforts.

Why It’s Important

Tick prevention is important because ticks carry diseases that can cause serious illness. Some of these illnesses include Lyme Disease and parasitic infections. Every pet will have different needs when it comes to tick prevention. Most veterinarians agree that the best way to keep your pet out of urgent care during tick season is to have an aggressive, pro-active approach to ticks.

Check Your Pet Daily

During this time of year veterinarians recommend that you check your pet daily for ticks. When tick bites go undetected, it can result in serious health issues for your pet often requiring emergency pet care. To keep your pet out of the urgent care, plan for a thorough grooming session every evening. Early detection is the best way to keep your pet healthy. If you find a tick, use a pair of tweezers to remove it from the skin.

Pay Attention to Your Yard

Treating your yard is a great way to keep ticks from getting on your pet in the first place and avoid emergency pet care. You can start by keeping your grass and weeds trimmed. Ticks love to hide in these locations. There are products that you can use to treat your yard. Research these products carefully to make sure you are not using chemicals that are harmful to your pet.

Consider Medications

There are also medications that you can consider using on your pet to help them repel ticks. Discuss this option with your vet to find out which product is best for your dog or cat. You should also consider vaccinations for Lyme Disease so that you can put an added layer of protection in place for your pet.

If you would like to learn more about tick prevention, and Lyme Disease vaccinations, please contact our friendly staff at Atoka Veterinary Clinic in Atoka, OK. Call us today at (580) 889-2125 for more information.