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Preventative Care with a Livestock Veterinarian

A large animal veterinarian helps cattle and horses stay as healthy as possible through preventative care and medical treatment. At Atoka Veterinary Clinic, our livestock veterinarian has years of experience serving we have years of experience serving Atoka, Tushka, Leigh, and Stringtown livestock owners. Read on to learn more about preventative measures offered and recommended by our veterinarian.


animals are prone to disease, and their immune system requires an extra boost to help them get a chance to fight back. Vaccines increase resistance to disease and decrease its severity when exposed. During the vaccination administration, large animal veterinarians always consider the following management practices:

  • Avoid vaccinating cattle and horses when they are stressed
  • Staying up-to-date with booster vaccines
  • Vaccinating calves three weeks before shipment to a feedlot


If you own a ranch with livestock, you may get visits from tourists and students working with animals. These people come from various places across the world and may carry different types of bacteria or parasites. Therefore, you should:

  • Ensure international visitors have spent at least five days in the country before getting into your farm
  • Limit access to your livestock
  • Ask visitors to provide information about their recent animal contacts
  • Avoid visitors getting close to your feed mangers


Feeding livestock is one of the crucial aspects determining an animal’s health. The type of feeds you buy may contain protein extracted from ruminant tissues, which has its side effects. Professional large animal veterinarians offer accurate advice on what you should feed your cattle, sheep, horse, and any other farm animal and at what age. You should try to buy feeds from a source utilizing quality control measures to reduce the risk of contamination.

Livestock Veterinarian Serving Atoka, Tushka, and Stringtown

When it comes to caring for cattle and horses, preventative care is preferable to medical intervention. For more information on preventative care or to schedule an appointment with our large animal veterinarian, call Atoka Veterinary Clinic today at (580) 889-2125.