Horse Wellness

Your horse or other large animals may not share your home, but here at Atoka Veterinary Clinic, we understand they are just as important as the dog snuggled at the foot of your bed or the cat vying for your attention when you are trying to work. It is for this reason that our pet wellness exams also include horse wellness. We also treat other large animals. When it comes to emergency pet care, you can rely on Atoka Veterinary Clinic.


Large Animal Care

Large animal care is something that many people don't think about. However, we are aware of the large amounts of horses, cows, pigs, sheep, and even llamas and alpaca that Atoka, OK, residents are looking to keep healthy and happy. It isn't easy to pack your horse up and bring it into the office for a horse wellness check. An animal in labor isn't easy to scoop up and bring in for urgent care. You need a veterinarian that is trained in special needs, be they healthcare or diet, of your large animals. We can help prevent parasites in your flock, care for minor wounds and major illnesses, and help bring new babies into the world. 

Horse Exams

Veterinarians often limit their practices to smaller pets such as dogs and cats. Every so often, you come across ones that will also treat birds and reptiles. Very few, however, specialize in large animal care. This is unfortunate because horses are a popular pet. Horses need specialized treatment. They contract diseases that differ from other animals, their nutritional needs are different, and fixing leg and hoof problems require specialized knowledge and skill. It isn't easy working with any animal that is scared or in pain. When that animal is the size of a horse, the potential for danger is much higher. Our veterinarian will ease your horse’s fear before providing gentle, effective veterinary care.

Atoka Veterinary Clinic INC

At Atoka Veterinary Clinic, we will treat your animals as if they were our own. Whether you need simple horse wellness advice, urgent care, or a pet wellness exam, we can address all of your large animal care needs. For more information on large animal care, horse wellness, emergency pet care, or to schedule an appointment, call us at (580) 889-2125.