Large Animal Care

At Atoka Veterinary Clinic Inc. in Atoka, OK, our veterinarians specialize in both pet wellness and large animals. Our veterinarian, Dr. Shannon Martin, works with horses and cattle as well as pets to ensure that your animals receive the treatment they need, both large and small.


Treating Large Animals

Just like small animals, large animals like cows and horses have their own special needs. At Akoka Veterinary Clinic, we know and understand that large animals have special nutritional requirements, different care needs, and different health issues. When your cattle or horses need someone from Atoka urgent care, we provide the best quality service you would expect from emergency pet care. Whether your horse or cow has become lame or you need advice when it comes to the special nutrition they need, you can trust our veterinarians to care for your large animals as if they were our own. We handle calving and foaling, too. We also diagnose and treat hoof and leg problems in your large animals, so that they can recover.

Not Just Cattle and Horses

Our large animal expertise doesn't stop at cattle and horses. Our veterinarians are experts when it comes to sheep, goats, swine, llamas, and alpacas as well. You'll be glad to have us around during lambing and kidding season. Or if you have llama or alpaca females, we can assist in the birth of crias. Our veterinarians understand that whether your animals are large or small, they all still need great veterinary care. We diagnose and treat serious diseases in your large animals, and recommend vaccination and deworming protocols so your herds remain healthy and disease free. You'll be glad to have us as your large animal veterinarians.

Specializing in Horses

You know that if your horse is lame, you need to care for them to get them ready for riding or competing again. Common hoof problems we see are founder (laminitis), bruises, navicular disease, fractures, thrush, puncture wounds, and infections. We can diagnose and treat conditions that affect your horses' ability to walk and get them rehabilitated to ride once more. We can also recommend and inoculate your horses for common diseases we see in Atoka, OK. We work hard to provide the best preventative medicine for your horses.

Contact us at Atoka Veterinary Clinic Inc. in Atoka, OK, and schedule your appointment today for all your large animal needs.