New Patient Center

Atoka Veterinary Clinic

At Atoka Veterinary Clinic, our veterinarian has years of experience providing Atoka residents with reliable veterinary care. Whether you are looking for an annual exam, updated booster shots, or specialized treatment, your pet will receive the care and attention they deserve. 

Our Services

We offer regular checkups for animals to make sure they are in the best of health. No health problems must go undetected. If you suspect your pet is suffering from an undetected medical issue, our veterinarian will perform a comprehensive exam to identify and address the issue. We also know that it can be hard to clean your pet’s teeth at home. Teeth and gums are an important indicator of underlying health problems, and keeping your pet’s dental health intact is a top priority. This is why our veterinarian offers gentle and thorough dental cleanings.

Keeping your pets’ vaccinations up-to-date is vital to their health. Even if your animals don’t go outside, they still need regular boosters for rabies, parvovirus, distemper, and other diseases. They should also receive checkups and boosters for fleas, ticks, and parasites such as heartworms. We also offer specialized emergency care such as X-rays, labs, blood work, antibiotics, and routine surgeries. We also perform spaying and neutering, which is important to the long-term health of house pets. 

How to Prepare for an Appointment as a New Patient

We want to provide the most thorough and personalized care possible. That is why we encourage owners to take notes on any concerns they have about their pets’ health or behavior. The veterinary team at Atoka Veterinary Clinic will review any concerns with you and take them into concern during your pet’s examination and treatment. 

What Are Some Good Things To Write Down Before Visiting Our Veterinarian?

  • Changes in bathroom habits, including toileting around the house
  • Nervous or aggressive behavior or mood swings
  • Changes in behavior
  • Changes in diet
  • Physical symptoms

Veterinarian in Atoka

The team at Atoka Veterinary Clinic is highly experienced and can provide most of the routine care your pet needs. We want to make sure that your pet gets the best possible care to help them live a long and healthy life by your side. For more information on the new patient experience or to schedule an appointment, call us at (580) 889-2125.