Pet Surgery

Our staff at Atoka Veterinary Clinic have been providing residents of Atoka, Tushka, Lehigh, and Stringtown, OK with reliable veterinary services for many years. We work with dogs, cats, horses, and other large animals. One of the services provided by our emergency veterinarian is pet surgery. Read on to learn more about scheduling surgery for your pet and help it recover after the procedure.

Pet Surgery

What Is A Common Pet Surgery?

Our staff will often conduct spray, neuter, and dental extraction procedures on animals such as cats and dogs. Large animals like horses may require castration, minor hoof, and lower leg procedures. Castration is often used when a horse is becoming too aggressive or has suffered trauma to the testicular area.  

When Should I Contact an Emergency Veterinarian?

Sometimes animals may get into a serious accident or have a major health issue. Regardless of what type of animal you have, please contact an emergency veterinarian if your animal:

  • Has open wounds
  • Has lacerations
  • Overexposed to heat in closed space
  • Ingested a toxic substance
  • Ate chocolate, mushrooms, or molded food
  • Has stopped eating
  • Has been in an accident
  • Hit by a vehicle
  • Is unconscious
  • Has stopped breathing
  • Is vomiting excessively
  • Has bloody urine
  • Can’t use its back legs

In regards to household pets like cats and dogs, owners must be extra mindful of animals getting heatstroke in the summer, choking on objects, and dealing with pests like ticks and fleas.

Caring for Your Animal After Pet Surgery

After your pet has completed surgery, it is imperative you set up a quiet, confined, and comfortable place for your pet to rest. At this time, the pets are in a vulnerable state and need your support. Do your best to avoid touching the incisions if possible. However, you should carefully clean the area if it appears dirty or crusty. Avoid using peroxide or alcohol to clean your animal's wounds, as these chemicals may be too harsh. Please monitor the area for any signs of infection. Owners should also stop their cats and dogs from biting and licking their incisions as it may cause infections or prevent the surgical incision from healing properly.

Schedule an Appointment with Our Emergency Veterinarian Today

Whether your animals need minor surgery like spaying or neutering or emergency care following a traumatic injury, the animal care professionals at Atoka Veterinary Clinic are ready to assist you. Call us today at (580) 889-2125 for more information or to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian.