Pet Vaccines at Atoka Veterinary

Vaccines are not only important for humans, but for pets as well. When your pet receives all of their required vaccinations in a timely manner, you'll be helping your pet to live a long and healthy life. Atoka Veterinary Clinic in Atoka provides vaccinations for both dogs and cats. Below are a few of the important reasons why you should keep your pet vaccinated. 


Vaccines Will Keep Your Pet Healthy

Getting and keeping your pets vaccinated will protect them from several serious diseases. Many types of conditions a dog or a cat can get are sometimes life-threatening. The following are several diseases that your pet can be protected from when you get them vaccinated.

  • Rabies - This is a viral disease that is often transmitted through the bite of a wild animal such as a bat or a raccoon. The disease is characterized by extreme aggression and behavioral changes. Rabies is almost always fatal.
  • Distemper - Runny nose, discharge from the eyes, and vomiting are symptoms for both dogs and cats. Long-term health conditions, such as seizures, may occur when a pet suffers from distemper.
  • Parvovirus - This virus occurs primarily in puppies and dogs. It can cause weakness, lethargy, weight loss, vomiting, and diarrhea. Fatality rates can be high when the virus is left untreated.
  • Hepatitis - There are a variety of strains of hepatitis that a pet can get. Symptoms may include fever, lethargy, and an enlarged liver. Both cats and dogs can receive hepatitis vaccines.
  • Bordetella - This is a bacterial infection that can lead to what is known as "kennel cough." A cough, sneezing, and a low fever are all symptoms of Bordetella.

Vaccines Keep Your Family Healthy

Unfortunately, some of the most serious diseases your pet can get can also be transmitted to humans. Rabies is a very serious disease that is almost always fatal in humans once symptoms start. Although it is rare, humans can also sometimes become infected with Bordetella. Making sure your pet receives all of their regular vaccines will protect both your pet and your family.

Meet State and Local Requirements

There are usually laws and local ordinances in most areas regarding pet vaccines. Most cities require pet owners to register their dogs and cats. To receive a license, the pet owner needs to send the city a copy proving that all required vaccinations have been given in a timely manner.

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